Before your child begins to read, he is learning how letters and sounds work together to form words. Phonetic awareness and phonics are the first steps a child makes in their journey of learning to read and write. Our Phonics program provides a solid foundation of language concepts in a fun and exciting way that a child can build upon to become a lifelong reader and writer. As a result, over 90% of our children entering kindergarten become confident readers.


We give children a solid foundation in early math literacy which is critical to their future academic success.  The children learn that mathematics is a building process that can be fun and exciting.  They discover fun and interesting applications and hands-on activities like counting, sorting, shapes, and playing number games.

Story Time & Art:

A fun filled art class for children that blends story time with crafts. In this class, children learn an interactive read-aloud and listen. We practice conversation skills as we connect with the characters and settings in the story. Based on the theme of the book, children engage in crafts using their four senses of touch, smell, sound, and sight to bring the book alive and provide a fun and exciting experience.  

Music & Movement:

Children naturally love music! Whether it’s soft or lively tune, children feel it both physically and emotionally. We offer an enriched program full of songs and dance that helps children to develop social skills, express motions, creativity and imagination, motor skills, and awareness of movement and body position.  Our Music & Movement class is a wonderful way to promote positive energy outlets.

Little Stars on Stage:

A fun and unique program  for little ones who love to sing and dance. Children enjoy singing some of their favorite Disney songs along with simple dance routines that will accommodate the singing portion of the performance. There will be a final performance at the end of the session. Class is taught by Miss Lorrie, currently teaching Sunshine Vocal Performance.

Edible Art:

Explore the exciting art possibilities in food and to create art projects your child can eat or serve to others.  Using own imaginations, your child designs food presentations or add creative finishing touches. Each recipe allows ample room for an edible artist to explore and create in own special, unique ways. We decorate cakes, sculpt with bread, and paint with frosting, build with fruit and much more. 

Fine Motor Skill Development:

This class is designed to improve your child’s hand writing. The activities focus on motor skill development by improving the muscles in the fingers and hands, strengthening hand grip, and developing wrist movement. By doing so, children will be well prepared to hold a pencil for longer time, and learn to write with strong and controlled grip. The class includes coloring, cutting, beading, Lego, drawing and handwriting, and even using chopsticks. Children will develop important skills without even knowing it.

Foreign Language Class:

This class provides dynamic and engaging way for children to learn foreign languages. Your child will learn listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, as well as culture. Emphasis is placed on teaching sentence patterns, with new vocabulary introduced to allow learners to build a solid foundation in the language, rather than on the memorization of grammar rules.  Using a variety of activities such as songs, games, storytelling, role play, and oral exercises, necessary linguistic information is repeated throughout the classes to ensure a good understanding.

Critical Thinking & Orda

Activities in this class will help children develop organized analysis and critical thinking skills to identify solutions instead of guessing an answer. They also will experience the joy in problem-solving. Orda games are strategic board games that help children to develop logical thinking, mathematical thinking skills and creativity in a fun way.

Montessori Enrichment Lab:

Play & Learn is a friendly introduction to Montessori for the children. The environment aims to foster independence, concentration, and confidence through a variety of practical life, sensorial, math and language activities. Each session includes open exploration of Montessori materials, a brief gathering with presentation. 

Manners Matter:

Our Manners Matters class teaches manners and etiquette to children. According to the National Education Association (NEA), children benefit greatly from lessons in etiquette. This translates to improved social development and sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. As children get older, it becomes a challenge to instill the value of manners and etiquette. It is important for children to gain an education in manners at an early age, as they are more likely to take this sense of decorum with them throughout their lives. Teaching our children how to be respectful and courteous is an important enhancement to our curriculum.  


This enrichment program teaches children the scientific method by having them conduct experiments. The program is tailored for each child’s level of comprehension. The children will delve into topics such as color mixing, chemical reactions, and surface tension.

Sample Daily Schedule